Strategic communication consulting

Senior executives, public figures or politicians, your clients have changed. They're experts, very much in demand. Their message needs to be clear, precise and efficient.

From basic situations to major governance issues, Cala Partners helps you face any communication problem you may have.

We first begin with an initial briefing in order to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Then our consultants follow you in major events on a daily or monthly basis, according to your needs:

  • Electoral campaign
  • General meeting
  • Charisma and personality mentoring
  • Speech writing
  • Elaboration of a strategic communication program / campaign / plan
  • Seminar role-play
  • Preparation of commercial and labor-union negotiations
  • Coaching and mentoring on all communication-related issues (dress code, stress reduction, etc.)
  • Crisis management
  • Personal development and leadership enhancement
  • Preparation to interviews for TV, radio and identification of trick questions and trick situations.

    We'll be happy to set up a meeting to give you further information on these topics.